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Address  412569 Cranberry Line, Tillsonburg, Ontario

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It all started with the market.  Sundown Farms was first established when the Visscher family moved from Holland in 1987 and bought a farm.  They planted strawberries and raspberries.  The following spring the first rows of the apple orchard was planted..  After many years of being apple farmers they decided to add a little fruit and vegetable stand to sell their produce.  A few years later they built that vegetable stand into a green house.  The farming life was a good life but it was hard to keep up with the ever growing competition.  In 2018 the hard decision to take out the apple tress and strawberries was made.  Since then, the  Urban Wheel has joined Sundown Farms and expanded more into a one stop shop with a huge variety or local items. 

We currently sell dutch imports, eggs, cheese -from Brights Cheese, Gunns Hill, Mountain Oak Cheese, goats cheese from Great Lakes and Norview Dairy- Hewitts dairy products, Roos Meats, Denbesten Rainbow Trout, Van Straten baked goods,  Oxford Brand (unpasteurized honey)  maple syrup, jams, apple sauce, apple butter, handmade items, spices, herbs, potatoes all year long, and much more!

We are always getting fresh, local produce too! Our fruits and vegetables will change as they become ripe and in season.


It all started when Rebecca approached Jessica to open a little seasonal stand made up of artisan goods.  Both knew they loved creating hand made items and supporting other local artists.  The more they talked the more the idea grew and formed into a year around artisan boutique.  

All of the items that stock our many shelves are 100% handmade by some pretty amazing locals. We love what we do and we love giving people the opportunity to help shop and support local businesses.


Hey, Jessica Velthove here!

The other day I got asked a very hard question; If you where to describe yourself in one sentence what would it be? I think the best way to answer this is to say what pops into your head first. No filter. That answer will be all you. I responded with ‘Fun-loving, redneck, animal lover.’ Of course my husband, family and friends are my world too but I just took that as a given. ;P

I am originally from a dairy farm in Alberta. I have always loved creating and imagining so I went to school for graphic design in Edmonton. I moved to Ontario in 2014 and I found me a husband at a tractor pull (sorry, my redneck came out a little bit). We bought a house, got two dogs, two cats and three chickens and made Tillsonburg our home. I love it here and enjoy walking all over this beautiful county.

I originally started making custom signs and teaching paint nights. I always knew I wanted to broaden my horizons and be my own boss. When Rebecca approached me with starting an artisan market there was so hesitations. I love supporting local and am blown away by all of the talent we have right new door. If we can support our neighbours it will only grow the community. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who feels the same way!

Hey there! My name is Rebecca Visscher and I'm one of the masterminds behind Urban Wheel (and yes, I'm the lady from the videos!). My husband used to be a farmer and so we have always felt very passionately about supporting local small businesses. I have done many early morning farmers markets, and have been supporting local for many years. I had my daughter in 2015 and after about 9 months of being at home I really wanted to try my hand at making a burlap wreath. I always thought they were beautiful and I made one for myself. From there it spiraled into a business when my dear friend suggested I start doing make and take classes and showing people how to make their own wreaths! I since have branched out (no pun intended) into bark and vine wreaths even though burlap will always be my signature style! I prefer to work with natural products because I LOVE the way they look!

Fast forward to this year, and I had retailed my wreaths in a few different stores spread out in different areas. When I learned one was closing I felt like it would be a very fun idea to start a seasonal artisan stand by my Mother in law's market. I then asked Jess if not only she would be interested in making and selling her signs there, but if she would be interested in being my business partner and the rest - they say - is history! I do live videos on our Facebook page that show off new and unique products, and they are always well versed with puns and my cheesy antics.

We have not only a brick and mortar year-round store but we also have an online store you can shop at from home in your pajamas! Supporting local has never been so EASY! 

Pieti Visscher